WATCH: Communists Crash Jason Aldean and Burn American Flags

Though much else is now going on, Jason Aldean’s

“Try that in a Small Town,”

an anthem of the average American who is sickened by what’s going on in the cities and wants a return to common-sense policing policies and public morals, continues to get the left agitated. Such was shown last month, when a collection of communists crashed a concert of his to burn American flags.

As a reminder, over the summer, “Try That in a Small Town” exploded in the charts and on YouTube after a new music video for it was released showing footage from riots. When paired with the lyrics, in which Aldean decries rampant crime in the cities and notes that such would not be tolerated in small towns, it made for a powerful messageSo, conservative music consumers jumped in with both feet. Subsequently to the music video’s release, views on YouTube of the music video shot up from 350,000 to almost 17 million, sales jumped to 228,000, and streams of the song shot up from 1 million to 11.7 million, all in a week.

And as much as conservatives loved the song, leftists hated it and still hate it. Such could be seen in a September incident in which “The Revcoms,” a “revolutionary communist” group, crashed an Aldean concert and burned American flagsPosting the video on their X (formerly Twitter) account, “The Revcoms” said, “‘Jason Aldean’s country hit, it’s a pile of fascist shit!’ #JasonAldean’s frothing fascist fans didn’t like our message too much 😉 And these ‘good ol’ boys’ (and girls) sure do love this flag! What part do they like most? Slavery? Genocide? War? Keep watching to the end 🇺🇸🔥”


Team Executive Refuses To Join The NFL In Supporting Colin Kaepernick.

Several years ago, Colin Kaepernick put his NFL career on the line when he decided to protest police brutality during the national anthem.

By taking a knee during The Star-Spangled Banner, Kaepernick (a former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers) sent shockwaves throughout America.

forcing NFL fans to think about the horrors of racial inequality and police brutality while trying to enjoy a game of football.

For years, NFL teams refused to hire Kaepernick because of the controversy surrounding him, despite his skills as a quarterback. However, in the wake of George Floyd’s murder last year, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had changed his tune and is now expressing his regret that he didn’t listen to Colin Kaepernick’s protests when they began all those years ago.

“I wish we had listened earlier, Kaep, to what you were kneeling about and what you were trying to bring attention to,” Goodell told former NFL player Emmanuel Acho during his Sunday appearance on Acho’s YouTube series “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man.”

“What our players are doing is being mischaracterized,” Goodell added. “What they were trying to do is exercise their right to bring attention to something that needs to get fixed. That misrepresentation of who they were and what they were doing was the thing that really gnawed at me.”

Most NFL teams are working with Goodell to make the game more inclusive and supportive of all Americans. However, the Dallas Cowboys are struggling to deal with the issue. While the team’s owner, Jerry Jones, has striven to reach a compromise regarding the protests and standing during the national anthem, his son does not want to let Kaepernick win.

Stephen Jones, Dallas Cowboys Executive Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer has made it clear that he does not want to join his father or even Goodell in supporting Colin Kaepernick.

On Thursday, Stephen Jones made it clear that he did not support Goodell’s change of heart and that he was standing firm behind his conservative values.

“I’m not going to comment on that at this point. Obviously, everybody, I have respect for what everybody has to say about any of these situations. Everybody has their own way of getting their hands around it. It’s obviously a big challenge. As I said, every organization, every office, every place looks at it a little differently, including whether you’re the NFL or you’re an individual club. Everybody has their views on different things. So, certainly, have respect for everybody’s opinions and views, but probably as far as I’d go with that.”

Over the next few weeks and months, the Cowboys are going to face an uphill battle. As the rest of the country moves forward with the Black Lives Matter movement, Jones and his father will need to come to terms with the changing tide of American football or miss an opportunity of a lifetime.

What do you think about the Dallas Cowboys’ stance on the issue? Do you agree with Stephen Jones or Jerry Jones? What would be your solution for making football more inclusive?


Just in: Steelers’ Coach Mike Tomlin Fires 2 Anthem Kneelers On The Spot

In a bold and decisive move that sent shockwaves through the NFL,

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin took a firm stance against players kneeling during the national anthem.

During a high-tension game against the Baltimore Ravens, Coach Tomlin benched two players, Stephon Tuitt and Jason McAllister, on the spot for their act of kneeling during the national anthem, drawing both criticism and praise from different quarters.

The incident unfolded as the national anthem echoed through the stadium, a moment traditionally observed by players and fans with standing and hand-over-heart gestures. However, Tuitt and McAllister, choosing to take a knee in what they deemed a peaceful protest against racial injustice, found themselves immediately sidelined by Coach Tomlin’s decision.

Mike Tomlin, known for his no-nonsense approach to coaching and discipline, has always maintained a firm position on team unity and respect for the national anthem. This action reflects his longstanding policy and belief system regarding team conduct. Tomlin, in a post-game press conference, stated, “I understand and respect the message my players want to send, but I believe there are other ways to do so without disrupting our team’s ethos and the respect we show during the anthem.”

The decision led to a mix of reactions within the team locker room. Some players expressed understanding and agreement with Coach Tomlin’s decision, emphasizing the importance of team unity and focus on the game. Others felt conflicted, sympathizing with the cause of their teammates but acknowledging the complexity surrounding the act of kneeling during the national anthem.

The Steelers’ fan base and sports media pundits remained deeply divided over Tomlin’s decision. While some fans hailed it as a bold stance for patriotism and respect, others criticized it as an overreaction that infringed upon players’ rights to express their social and political beliefs. Social media buzzed with opinions and debates, reflecting a nation still grappling with the intersection of sports, politics, and social justice.

The NFL has experienced ongoing controversy regarding players kneeling during the national anthem since Colin Kaepernick first took a knee in 2016. The league has wrestled with finding a balance between supporting players’ rights to protest and maintaining an image of unity and patriotism. While the NFL initially struggled with how to handle these protests, it has largely left the decision to individual teams and their management in recent years.

Coach Tomlin’s decisive action against his two players might set a precedent for how similar incidents are handled by other teams in the NFL. It raises questions about the balance between personal expression and team regulations, the role of sports in societal issues, and the varying perceptions of patriotism.

The benching of Stephon Tuitt and Jason McAllister by Coach Tomlin isn’t just about the Pittsburgh Steelers or a game of football. It’s a microcosm of the ongoing national debate on freedom of expression, racial injustice, and the place of sports in political and social dialogues. As the NFL and its teams continue to navigate these tumultuous waters, the actions of players, coaches, and the league will remain under intense scrutiny from all sides of the societal spectrum.


WE offer the Obama family our sympathy during these trying times.

Bo, the Portuguese water dog who was the Obama family’s cherished first pet during their White House years, passed away at 12 years old after battling cancer.

Michelle Obama announced the sad news on Instagram, while President Barack Obama expressed that the family had lost a

“great friend and trusted companion.”

Bo was a constant presence through the Obama’s lives for over a decade, offering comfort and joy. He adjusted to the White House chaos, loved swimming in the pool, had a friendly demeanor, and became a media darling when he arrived as a puppy in 2009, gifted by Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

The Trump administration didn’t have any pets in the White House, but President Biden brought back the tradition with his two German shepherds, Champ and Major. Major, however, was recently sent for training after exhibiting biting behavior.


“Get Some Professional Help”: Bill Maher Throws Whoopi Goldberg Out Of His Show

In a turn of events that left viewers agog, Bill Maher, the irreverent host of

“Real Time with Bill Maher,”

decided to put on a show-stopping performance of his own.

The unsuspecting victim? None other than the indomitable Whoopi Goldberg. Maher, known for his acerbic wit and unfiltered commentary, took his boldness to new heights as he dramatically tossed Whoopi Goldberg out of his show, complete with a parting shot advising her to “go get some professional help.”

“Real Time with Bill Maher” has earned a reputation for being a no-holds-barred arena where controversial discussions are the order of the day. Maher, with his incisive humor and penchant for pushing boundaries, has never shied away from confronting guests with opposing views. Enter Whoopi Goldberg, an entertainment icon and co-host of “The View,” known for her impassioned commentary and no-nonsense approach.

As the two titans clashed on Maher’s stage, the atmosphere became increasingly charged. The topic at hand, a contentious issue in the news, acted as the catalyst for a heated exchange that culminated in Maher’s theatrical decision to eject Goldberg from the set.

As the tension reached its zenith, Bill Maher, with a flourish that could rival any Shakespearean actor, declared, “Whoopi, my dear, it’s time for you to exit stage left.” In a move reminiscent of a classic vaudeville act, Maher pointed towards the proverbial door, and Goldberg, perhaps in a mix of surprise and amusement, played along, making a mock exit to the delight of the audience.

The theatrics didn’t end there. Maher, reveling in the dramatic atmosphere he had created, continued his performance by advising Goldberg, “Before you come back to any talk show, go get some professional help, my dear. It’s clear you need it.” The audience, unsure if they were witnessing reality or a carefully orchestrated comedic act, erupted in a mix of laughter and gasps.

As news of Bill Maher’s show-stopping ejection of Whoopi Goldberg spread like wildfire, social media platforms became ground zero for the ensuing storm of reactions. Hashtags such as #MaherVsGoldberg and #ExitStageLeft trended as viewers expressed a spectrum of emotions, from shock to amusement. Memes depicting Goldberg as a theater actress exiting the stage and Maher as the stern director circulated, adding fuel to the online frenzy.

Fans and critics alike dissected the exchange, with some commending Maher for his audacity and others questioning the appropriateness of such theatrics in a political talk show. The incident had effectively turned “Real Time” into a must-watch spectacle, solidifying Maher’s reputation as a provocateur of the highest order.

Maher’s parting shot advising Whoopi Goldberg to “go get some professional help” added a twist to the entire episode. The phrase, typically reserved for serious interventions in personal matters, was delivered with such flair that it left many wondering if Maher was playing the role of both talk show host and amateur therapist.

The satirical dig, whether intentional or not, spawned a wave of humorous commentary online. Memes and gifs featuring Goldberg on a metaphorical therapy couch, Maher in a therapist’s chair, and the phrase “Professional Help” emblazoned in bold letters became the unofficial symbols of the incident.

As the storm raged on social media, Whoopi Goldberg, true to her resilient nature, responded with a dose of humor. In a tweeted comeback, she quipped, “I’ve heard worse advice, Bill. Maybe I’ll consider it after a cup of tea and some serious contemplation. #ProfessionalHelpHereICome.”

Goldberg’s ability to laugh off the incident added another layer to the unfolding narrative, turning what could have been a tense exchange into a comedic episode that left fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the Maher-Goldberg saga.

In the world of television, controversy often equates to increased viewership. As the Maher-Goldberg clash dominated headlines, “Real Time with Bill Maher” experienced a surge in ratings. Viewers, drawn in by the promise of unscripted drama, tuned in to witness the fallout and catch a glimpse of the enigmatic clash that had set the internet abuzz.

The unspoken encore to Maher’s theatrical ejection was a resounding success for the show’s producers. Whether it was genuine disagreement or a well-choreographed act, the incident had become a talking point, ensuring that Maher’s show would remain in the cultural spotlight for weeks to come.

Bill Maher’s decision to toss Whoopi Goldberg out of his show, complete with a piece of advice, showcased the power of theatrics in the realm of talk shows. In an era where audiences crave unscripted moments and hosts are expected to deliver captivating content, Maher’s theatrical masterstroke proved that the line between news and entertainment is blurrier than ever.

As the dust settled on this theatrical episode, one thing was clear: the Maher-Goldberg clash had left an indelible mark on the landscape of political talk shows. Whether viewers were witnessing an authentic clash of ideologies or a brilliantly executed performance, one could not deny the enduring impact of this unexpected and theatrically charged moment on the small screen.


Sharon Stone at 65: Timeless Beauty and Style

Sharon Stone, born on March 10, 1958, in Meadville, Pennsylvania, is an iconic American actress known for her beauty, versatility, and charisma.

Rising to fame in the 1980s, her role in the 1992 thriller “Basic Instinct” propelled her to international stardom.

Stone has excelled in various genres, earning accolades, including a Golden Globe for “Casino” (1995).

Beyond acting, Stone is a philanthropist, advocating for HIV/AIDS awareness and research. At 65, she defies age norms with confidence and style. Stone’s fashion choices enhance her best features, avoiding trends for sophisticated elegance. A fearless fashion icon, she challenges societal expectations and proves that fashion transcends age.

Recently, on “The Very Late Show with James Corden,” Stone made a grand entrance in a scarlet dress, captivating viewers with her timeless beauty and charm. Fans praised her age-defying allure and confidence, emphasizing her role as a role model for women of all ages.

In every public appearance, Sharon Stone inspires, redefining aging gracefully. With unwavering confidence and style, she exemplifies that true beauty is about embracing oneself at any stage of life. Cheers to Sharon Stone, a timeless beauty who proves that age is just a number.


Chloe Amour Seeks Suitor Matching Her $206K Salary

hloe Amour’s ultra-strict dating rules are a deliberate strategy to filter out unsuitable suitors with poor hygiene.

Interestingly, she has shifted away from considering close-minded individuals and now prefers mature, older men whose annual earnings match or exceed her substantial $206K income.

Despite facing judgment from some quarters, this Los Angeles native views financial security as a positive attribute in a partner.

Chloe Amour, a model with 900K+ followers, values financial compatibility, earning over $20K monthly online.

Chloe’s upbringing was not affluent; her single mother faced financial challenges while raising her and her sister. This is why she values dating someone who earns an equivalent or higher salary; it signifies financial security. Beyond that, she seeks a partner who can independently provide for themselves and a potential family, prioritizing safety and stability in her future.

According to her, emotional intelligence and exceptional kissing skills are also crucial prerequisites for her ideal partner.

Among her deal-breakers, Chloe Amour included poor hygiene, excessive partying, and deceitfulness.


Is there a new type of lethal bug that punctures palms with numerous small holes?

Several online warnings have been issued about a

“new kiIIer iημsect”

that originated in India and can cause severe injury or even death if handled.

Many copies of this warning have been circulated on social media, with many purporting to illustrate both the fabled deadly bug and graphic photographs of the alleged damage it causes.

Such wounds frequently appear as several puncture marks on the hands or arms. In most portrayals of insects, the back is covered with numerous small tubes.

Protecting yourself from bugs is essential to ensure your outdoor adventures are enjoyable and safe. In this article, we will explore practical and effective strategies to shield yourself from these bothersome pests.

Wear Appropriate Clothing: Dressing right can act as your first line of defense against bugs. Opt for long-sleeved shirts, pants, and socks to minimize exposed skin. Light-colored clothing can also help deter certain insects.
Use Insect Repellent: Insect repellents containing DEET, picaridin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus are proven to be effective against mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects. Apply them to exposed skin and clothing, following the product’s instructions.

Avoid Perfumed Products: Fragrances, including scented lotions and perfumes, can attract bugs. Opt for unscented or lightly scented products when spending time outdoors.

Stay in Well-Lit Areas: Bugs are naturally drawn to darker areas. When outdoors at dusk or night, stay in well-lit areas to reduce the chances of bugs swarming around you.

Eliminate Standing Water: Mosquitoes breed in standing water. Regularly empty containers like flowerpots, bird baths, and gutters to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water on your property.

Use Mosquito Nets: If you’re camping or spending time in an area known for bug activity, consider using mosquito nets over your sleeping area to provide an additional layer of protection.

Keep Windows and Doors Screened: Installing screens on windows and doors can help keep bugs out of your living spaces while still allowing fresh air to circulate.

Avoid Bright Clothing: Brightly colored clothing can attract certain bugs, so it’s best to stick to more muted or neutral colors.
Inspect Yourself After Being Outdoors: After spending time outdoors, especially in wooded or grassy areas, thoroughly check your body for ticks and other insects. Prompt removal can help reduce the risk of disease transmission.
Trim Vegetation and Maintain Lawns: Keeping your yard well-maintained can reduce bug habitats. Trim tall grass and shrubs, and regularly mow your lawn to minimize hiding places for pests.

Use Citronella Candles: Citronella candles emit a scent that bugs find unpleasant. Lighting these candles can help create a bug-free zone around your outdoor areas.

Avoid Sweating Excessively: Bugs are attracted to the scent of sweat. While it’s natural to sweat during outdoor activities, consider wiping yourself down and changing into dry clothing to reduce the allure of bugs.

Use Natural Remedies: Some essential oils, such as citronella, lavender, and eucalyptus, are known for repelling bugs. Consider using natural products containing these oils as an alternative to chemical repellents.

Educate Yourself: Research the types of bugs common in your area and their behaviors. This knowledge can help you anticipate when and where they might be most active.

Consult Professionals: If your property is plagued by a persistent bug problem, seeking the help of pest control professionals can provide a long-term solution.

Protecting yourself from bugs goes beyond just avoiding itchy bites; it’s about safeguarding your health and well-being. By implementing these strategies and being proactive in bug prevention, you can enjoy the great outdoors without the constant annoyance of buzzing and biting insects. Whether you’re camping, gardening, or simply relaxing on your porch, these measures will help you create a bug-free zone that allows you to fully embrace the beauty of nature.


MISSING Details in Trump’s Recent Health Report Raise Questions

Former President Donald Trump released a brief health report from his doctor, Dr. Bruce Aronwald, claiming his health is


and mentioning weight loss due to an “improved diet” and daily exercise. However, the report lacks crucial specifics such as Trump’s weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, prescriptions, or the amount of weight lost.

In the past, Trump’s doctors made vague claims about his health, including hyperbolic statements like being the “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” Trump’s health reports have often omitted crucial details. Meanwhile, President Biden releases more detailed health reports, though they haven’t dispelled concerns about his age and health.

Both Trump and Biden have faced questions about their ability to serve another term, given their age, with polls showing voter concerns about their fitness for the presidency. Trump, in particular, has touted his cognitive test performance as proof of his mental sharpness.


Candace Owens DecΙines ABC’s Οffer to Jοin The View, Saγs “They’re Toxic”

Candace Owens Declines ABC’s Offer to Join The View, Says “They’re Toxic”

In a surprising turn of events, political commentator and author

Candace Owens has made headlines by declining ABC’s offer to join the cast of The View, one of the most popular daytime talk shows on television.

Owens, known for her outspoken views and conservative stance, cited the show’s perceived toxic environment as the primary reason for turning down the opportunity. This unexpected decision has sparked discussions about the dynamics within The View and the challenges of fostering diverse perspectives in the realm of daytime television.

ABC, recognizing the potential for diverse viewpoints on The View, extended an invitation to Candace Owens to join the show’s panel. Owens, a prominent figure in conservative circles, has been an influential voice in political discourse and has a substantial following on social media. The move to bring Owens onto The View was seen by some as an effort to diversify the show’s perspectives and appeal to a broader audience.

In a series of statements released on her social media platforms, Candace Owens declined ABC’s offer to join The View, offering a candid explanation for her decision. Owens expressed concerns about the show’s atmosphere, describing it as “toxic” and stating that she believed the dynamic would not allow for genuine discussions or the respectful exchange of differing opinions.

Owens, known for her unapologetic approach to expressing her views, emphasized the importance of open dialogue and the ability to engage in meaningful conversations. Her decision to decline the offer raised questions about the challenges of fostering diverse perspectives in the highly charged landscape of daytime talk shows.

The concept of a “toxic” environment within talk shows is not entirely new, and many daytime programs have faced criticism for fostering sensationalism, heated debates, and, at times, a lack of respectful discourse. The dynamics between hosts, as well as the pressure to generate engaging content, can contribute to an atmosphere that some may perceive as confrontational or unwelcoming.

The View, known for its diverse panel of hosts and discussions on current events, has seen its fair share of on-air clashes and off-screen controversies over the years. Candace Owens’ characterization of the show as toxic sheds light on the challenges faced by talk shows in maintaining a balance between entertainment and constructive dialogue.

The inclusion of diverse perspectives is crucial for talk shows aiming to represent a broad spectrum of views and engage a wide audience. The View, in particular, has prided itself on having hosts with varied backgrounds and opinions. However, achieving a harmonious balance while navigating the potential for ideological clashes is an ongoing challenge.

The decline by Candace Owens raises questions about the extent to which diverse voices can coexist within the framework of a talk show. The delicate dance between fostering healthy debate and avoiding an environment that may be perceived as toxic is a tightrope that producers and hosts must navigate to ensure the show’s continued success.

Candace Owens’ decision and her candid explanation resonated across social media platforms, sparking a divided response from the online community. Supporters of Owens applauded her commitment to maintaining integrity and avoiding what she perceives as a toxic environment. Meanwhile, critics questioned Owens’ willingness to engage in challenging conversations and viewed her decision as a missed opportunity to contribute to a platform with a diverse viewership.

The hashtag #CandaceOwensDeclines trended on Twitter, with users sharing their opinions on the role of diverse perspectives in talk shows and the challenges of navigating ideological differences in a public forum.

In response to Candace Owens’ decision and her public statements, ABC released a brief statement acknowledging her choice. The network expressed disappointment but affirmed its commitment to fostering a variety of viewpoints on The View. ABC emphasized the show’s history of bringing together hosts with differing opinions and its dedication to providing a platform for diverse voices.

As The View navigates this moment of controversy, producers and network executives face the challenge of reevaluating the show’s dynamics to ensure that it remains a space for open dialogue while addressing concerns about toxicity. The incident with Candace Owens sheds light on the delicate balance required to maintain a successful talk show that both entertains and informs a diverse audience.

Candace Owens’ decision to decline ABC’s offer to join The View serves as a reflection on the state of dialogue in contemporary talk shows and the challenges of incorporating diverse perspectives. The incident underscores the importance of fostering an environment that encourages meaningful conversations while acknowledging the difficulties in navigating ideological differences on a public platform.

As The View moves forward, it faces the opportunity to reassess its approach to hosting diverse voices and addressing concerns about toxicity. The incident with Candace Owens prompts a broader conversation about the role of talk shows in shaping public opinion and the responsibilities that come with providing a platform for individuals with diverse and often conflicting viewpoints.