41 Women Post Unedited Pics To “Normalize Normal Bodies”

41 Women Post Unedited Pics To “Normalize Normal Bodies”

With seemingly ‘perfect’ social media posts hammering on your self-worth each and every day,

it’s easy to get lost in the noise and believe that you might not look as good as you do.

Correct posing, professional lighting, getting implants, having the entire day to exercise before photos, taking countless pictures until you get the right one, and photo-editing can turn anyone into an Instagram model or a fitness blogging star.

However, it’s an inaccurate representation of reality and it can lead to a lot of pressure for women (especially young girls) to try and copy nigh-unachievable looks.

There is a spark of hope for some normalcy and common sense, however.

Women continue to join the #NormalizeNormalBodies movement on Instagram and on TikTok that does exactly what it says on the tin: it celebrates normal bodies that nonetheless don’t get enough representation online.

Have a look at what the trend, started by Mik Zazon, means below and, as you scroll down, upvote the photos that inspired you the most, dear Pandas.

We wanted to go in-depth about unrealistic body standards and how this affects mental health, so we reached out to the UK Addiction Treatment Group.Nuno Albuquerque, the Head of Treatment for the UKAT Group told Bored Panda that, unfortunately, there will always be people who are negatively affected by photoshopped and ‘perfect’ images on social media. Especially young adults and children.

The day that I created the #normalizenormalbodies movement, and little did I know that it would start a movement to connect stories from all over the world.

This photo is one that i will cherish for the rest of my life.

I started photography partially because I’m a control freak and partially because I felt that I would never belong in front of the camera. I default to a lot of similar positions because I’m new to this, and my body doesn’t move the same way as others.

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