8 BODY Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

8 BODY Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

Our bodies constantly communicate our health status through various signs. Here are eight important cues to pay attention to:

Yellow Skin: Jaundice can turn your skin and eyes yellow due to liver issues.

It’s a sign of excess bilirubin in your system.
White Dots on Nails: White specks on your nails may indicate deficiencies in protein, calcium, or zinc.

Blisters and Cracks: Dehydration or using the wrong lipstick can lead to lip issues. Also, watch out for clubbed fingernails, possibly linked to digestive or lung problems.

Mouth Sores: Internal mouth ulcers can result from stress, hormonal changes, or vitamin B-12 deficiency.

White Eyelid Pimples (Styes): Dry skin or diabetes can cause styes near your eyelashes.

Cornea Ring (Arcus Senilis): A grey or white ring around your cornea may signal high cholesterol levels, especially if you’re not elderly.

Red Tongue: Infections, vitamin deficiencies, or oral herpes can make your tongue excessively red.

Always listen to your body’s signals, as they could reveal underlying health issues. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek appropriate medical advice.

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