Chloe Amour Seeks Suitor Matching Her $206K Salary

hloe Amour’s ultra-strict dating rules are a deliberate strategy to filter out unsuitable suitors with poor hygiene.

Interestingly, she has shifted away from considering close-minded individuals and now prefers mature, older men whose annual earnings match or exceed her substantial $206K income.

Despite facing judgment from some quarters, this Los Angeles native views financial security as a positive attribute in a partner.

Chloe Amour, a model with 900K+ followers, values financial compatibility, earning over $20K monthly online.

Chloe’s upbringing was not affluent; her single mother faced financial challenges while raising her and her sister. This is why she values dating someone who earns an equivalent or higher salary; it signifies financial security. Beyond that, she seeks a partner who can independently provide for themselves and a potential family, prioritizing safety and stability in her future.

According to her, emotional intelligence and exceptional kissing skills are also crucial prerequisites for her ideal partner.

Among her deal-breakers, Chloe Amour included poor hygiene, excessive partying, and deceitfulness.

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