Fight optical illusion: find 7 differences in these postcards

Fight optical illusion: find 7 differences in these postcards.

Puzzles that require us to find the differences between two similar images make the most of our concentration,

stimulating our eyes and brain.

This is very important because mental training is just as important as physical exercise.

Finding differences in pictures can be a challenging task, and this particular game is even more demanding.

Each series of seemingly identical photographs hides several subtle differences, some of which are almost undetectable. So, try to identify the dissimilarities in this picture.

The answer, provided by Playbuzz, depicts classic scenes such as Big Ben and everyday settings. The Playbuzz headline questions whether only a genius can spot these differences and asks if you’re up to the task.

The second task requires you to identify the differences between two images.

Its purpose is to assess a person’s ability to use information and reasoning to answer questions or make predictions.

In addition, IQ tests help identify students who are well suited for accelerated “gifted education” programs.

Moreover, many colleges and universities use exams similar to IQ tests as a means of selecting students.

Do you think you have the observational skills necessary to notice subtle differences between images? Prepare your eyes: the “Spot the Difference” task promises to be both challenging and rewarding.

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