Only 2 %of people found the hidden message in the picture

Only 2 %of people found the hidden message in the picture

Most existing methods for hiding data depend on the features present in each picture ,

so such features will be lost when shown to any attack.

Your task is to find a secret message using your observational skills and quicl thinking abilities.

Your task is very tough. The chellenge gives you an opportunity to think twice and be attentive as when you blink your eyes you will see the answer to the optical illsuion.

This image depicts a scene where women and a man walk but what is the message is your difficult task. The picture went viral in the social media.

If you had difficulty do not worry here is the answer. There is no difficulty but this task only wants you focus on the picture. Here is the answer.

The word «Obey» is hidden in the image if you look attentively at the image.If you liked the optical illusion share this with your friends and family members.

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