The shortest sentence in the Bible. What does this mean?

The shortest sentence in the Bible is “Jesus wept”. What does this mean?

Jesus wept.

It’s the shortest verse in the Bible.

It was simply saying that Jesus shed tears. At John chapter eleven his good friend Lazarus had died. Though he knew that he was about to raise his friend up from the dead…..he was deeply moved by other’s reaction to the death of his friend Lazarus, Jesus “groaned” and “became troubled.” (John 11:33–36 ) Jesus was not ashamed to manifest strong emotions. Onlookers could see the affection Jesus felt for Lazarus and his family. What compassion Jesus showed by using his God-given power to bring his friend back to life! (John 11:43,44) The Bible describes Jesus as “exact representation of [the creator’s] very being.

Jesus and his Father have the desire to undo death the pain of sickness nod death. “The hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will…come ot.” John 5:28–29

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