This elephant is breaking the internet: Only 7% of people see the second hidden animal in the image

This elephant is breaking the internet

Only 7% of people see the second hidden animal in the image

Well, looks like our favorite pachyderm has just broken into the internet!

You may have seen that picture of a big gray guy holding a humble log in his trunk, but did you know that lurking in the shadow of that mastodon on this humble farm is an unexpected creature?

Only a handful of enlightened people, yes, you heard me right, barely 1% of observers managed to spot a scammer in less than the snap of a finger… or, to be precise, in less than 11 seconds.

Question of the Day: How do you feel about this 1%? Embark on an elusive hunt for visual mysteries and try to spot the unexpected guest in this fun interweaving of optical illusions.

Who knows? If you love mind-blowing optical illusions and have always had a weakness for annoying puzzles, then this game might just keep you awake!

An optical illusion is a bit like a trick your brain plays on your vision. An object, a graphic, a person who changes and blurs our perception of things.

There are many: physical, physiological and cognitive, to name a few.

And guess what? This sleight of hand is even used in psychoanalysis to estimate your IQ. No less!

So, can you recognize our masked cat in the picture besides our big pachyderm in less than 11 seconds?

Take a close look at the image above. This is much more than just photography.

This is a challenge, coming face to face with the invisible, because somewhere in this image there is an animal hiding.

In this fun visual challenge we see our old friend the elephant with a log in his trunk and a rustic barn behind him. But can you identify the second feathered or furry guest?

I give you my word that there is indeed another animal in this image. Prove that we can bet on you!

There are rumors on the Internet that only 1% of people can spot this second occupant.

This is another way to test your logical mind and IQ. So, did you find the hidden companion in time? If you think the old mastodon walks alone, think again!

Your eyes will be tested with this optical illusion of an elephant on a farm. If you’re still stumped, try searching on the right side of the image.

The second guy’s disgusting head is hidden next to our pachyderm’s tail.

This is marked in blue in the image below: Kudos to whoever exposed the head of this intruder with the cap hidden in the image.

Optical illusions are like jumping into the void — it’s exciting and trains the mind. It’s like lifting weights for the sake of our perception of things.

The photo of an elephant hiding an unwanted guest on a farm is a clear illustration of what I’m talking about.

And even if only 1% of people manage to find our hidden companion in less than 11 seconds, this does not mean that the rest are punished.

Everyone has something different, their own personal skills and extraordinary abilities.

So there is no need to go down if you were not able to immediately expose the small creature.

Hold on to the rope and keep having fun with optical illusions!

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