WATCH: Communists Crash Jason Aldean and Burn American Flags

Though much else is now going on, Jason Aldean’s

“Try that in a Small Town,”

an anthem of the average American who is sickened by what’s going on in the cities and wants a return to common-sense policing policies and public morals, continues to get the left agitated. Such was shown last month, when a collection of communists crashed a concert of his to burn American flags.

As a reminder, over the summer, “Try That in a Small Town” exploded in the charts and on YouTube after a new music video for it was released showing footage from riots. When paired with the lyrics, in which Aldean decries rampant crime in the cities and notes that such would not be tolerated in small towns, it made for a powerful messageSo, conservative music consumers jumped in with both feet. Subsequently to the music video’s release, views on YouTube of the music video shot up from 350,000 to almost 17 million, sales jumped to 228,000, and streams of the song shot up from 1 million to 11.7 million, all in a week.

And as much as conservatives loved the song, leftists hated it and still hate it. Such could be seen in a September incident in which “The Revcoms,” a “revolutionary communist” group, crashed an Aldean concert and burned American flagsPosting the video on their X (formerly Twitter) account, “The Revcoms” said, “‘Jason Aldean’s country hit, it’s a pile of fascist shit!’ #JasonAldean’s frothing fascist fans didn’t like our message too much 😉 And these ‘good ol’ boys’ (and girls) sure do love this flag! What part do they like most? Slavery? Genocide? War? Keep watching to the end 🇺🇸🔥”

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